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Sunday, 31 July 2011


Modern remotes are the form of rolling pin and crypto –key remotes, which are used to create a very different non – duplicate code. In simpler terms this means that the remote cannot be cloned and cannot be tempered with by burglars. There are a lot of different remotes on the market and they all tend to have their own purposes.  For more info on programming your remotes, please click here

The green remote, these kinds of remotes can be cloned. If you need another remote, you take it to a shop, and they can copy the code onto a new remote for you. A sophisticated burglar using a radio scanner could also clone your remote in theory, although this happens very rarely in practice.
The blue nova remote, this one is different as well as it has a randomly changing code, which makes it impossible to duplicate. This is the most secure type of remote. These remotes are paired (synchronised) with a specific gate motor's receiver unit. Each gate's receiver unit keeps track of which remotes have been added to it. To configure a new remote, you need to follow the instructions of your particular gate motor's receiver unit, to add a remote to it.
There are also the gate motor remotes, such as the centurion gate motor remote. This one is available in different types as well as works with the sliding and swing gate motors of the Centurion Brand works with the Nova remote. Another important factor to take into consideration is the gate motor comes with two or three button micro-tech remotes. The ET remote also works with the domestic swing and double swing operated motors usually come with a Nova remote. Then we have the DACE motor, this one can be configured to work with Sentry,Centurion,Smart,Nova or Clahe  control keypad.
The best and strongest remotes to use would be the


  1. Ideally one should buy an additional remote control device at the time of buying a gate opening machine. Generally these machines come with single remote but you can get a universal device from the market.

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