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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

TOP 10 SECURITY TIPS by Autogate Security

SECURITY TIP NO. 1 from Autogate Security

Autogate Deadbolt with 25mm throw
All doors and windows should be securely shut and fastened. Open windows and doors are an attraction to unwanted invaders. Thieves tend to have an eye for unsecured entrances points and windows. Crime in South Africa is very popular, this is caused by lack of work, poverty and other reason known to the thieves themselves. To beef up your security, your doors should have a deadbolt lock with a 25mm throw and reinforced strike plate with 75mm screws. Morden houses mostly have windows installed with burglar bars and window locks. If you live in Johannesburg or Pretoria, then i believe crime is of nothing new to you.

SECURITY TIP NO. 2 from Autogate Security

The sliding doors which is built from glass, should have a metal rod of polywood in the track and be installed with vertical bolts. A burglar folding or other type of steel gate should be used as security just outside of the sliding door.

SECURITY TIP NO. 3 from Autogate Security

Should you be the lucky one who has an attached garage door to your garage, then you should also consider installing a lock and not rely on your automatic garage door opener for security.

SECURITY TIP NO. 4 from Autogate Security

Leave one or two lights on, that way it seems your home has someone inside all the time. Install low energy outdoor bulbs, as it is cost effective and will discourage them intruders.

SECURITY TIP NO. 5 from Autogate Security

When you go on holiday or a trip, ask your neighbour to pop around to your home now and again. Your mail shouldn’t be left unattended. You can also ask your neighbour to park in your driveway, if there is parking space shortage.

SECURITY TIP NO. 6 from Autogate Security

Do not leave a message on your telephone answering machine, alerting people that you are on holiday or away for a while.

SECURITY TIP No. 7 from Autogate Security

Trim unnecessary bushes away from entrances, walkways and windows. These places are a hideaway for the burglar people.

SECURITY TIP NO. 8 from Autogate Security

Join a local community neighbour watch and to protect your neighbourhood.

SECURITY TIP NO. 9 from Autogate Security

Local donations of small change to your community watch. Attend community meetings, so as to know what to be in the lookout for and they in return will get to know you.

SECURITY TIP NO. 10 from Autogate Security

Paradox Alarm from Autogate
Install a cheap but effective home alarm system in your home. We sell and install home alarm systems to suit your budget.
This little article below is of very important knowledge to bear in mind and i do hope you can share it with your friends and relatves. This is a real and s happening right here in my neighbourhood of the Northern Surburbs. These items are strategically left on your pavement to look like general public litter and are always placed so that a passer-by won't kick it out of the way.

CREAM SODA CANS ARE USED AS: GREEN this means go ahead - all clear (nobody home!!!).

this means be prepared to use armed force or will encounter resistance

– this means easy target

You will get to see the blue containers
, and this means - somebody on premises will provide assistance;

please stay safe and alert.